Husband in heartbreaking tribute to wife who died weeks after lockdown wedding


A 25-year-old man has paid heartbreaking tribute to his wife who tragically died just weeks after their wedding.

Georgia McCarthy, 25, was first diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer during the coronavirus crisis in April.

She married childhood sweetheart Isaac on her birthday and tragically passed away just three weeks later.

Isaac has paid an emotional tribute to Georgia, describing her as the “most selfless and charitable person” he has ever met.

He said she was always trying to raise awareness of breast cancer and encourage other women to check their breasts.

Isaac, from Toxteth in Liverpool, said: “She was just always so selfless. She was the most thoughtful person I’ve ever met.

“She taught me to be more thoughtful. She was so encouraging to me.

“I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing – working my dream job now, because I wouldn’t have had the confidence or encouragement without her.

“She was a one of a kind person in many senses – in her personality and in her dress sense. She loved her ugly shirts from charity shops and wearing Crocs and she had a sleeve full of tattoos.”

Georgia was first diagnosed with during the coronavirus crisis in April.

She had found out she had the BRCA1 gene, meaning she had a 50/50 chance of developing breast cancer, when she was just 21.

Isaac is determined to carry on this legacy in her memory and is asking people to donate to the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and the Linda McCartney Centre, where she received treatment, via a Go Fund Me page.

Since they got together at the age of 16, Isaac said Georgia always donated to different charities, including in 2017 when she donated her hair to the Princess Trust and last year when she saved her head for Macmillian.

Isaac said: “Before she was diagnosed with breast cancer on the first of every month she would raise awareness on social media, asking woman to check and ‘give their boobies a squeeze’.

“I want to carry her legacy on – that’s my driving force.”

After Georgia was diagnosed with breast cancer in April, Isaac said she had 15 embryos frozen so they could start a family together in the future.

She received chemotherapy to treat the cancer during the coronavirus pandemic and Isaac said the treatment appeared to have been quite successful, with Georgia receiving her last round on October 7.

But on October 27, after experiencing symptoms including a migraine, Georgia was admitted to the Royal Liverpool Hospital having suffered from a seizure.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, Isaac was unable to see Georgia for the following week that she was in hospital, which he said was the longest time they have ever been apart.

Doctors initially suspected that Georgia may have meningitis but after undergoing a series of tests she was transferred to the Clatterbridge Centre, where Isaac was allowed to see her.

It was here that the couple were told the devastating news on November 3, that the cancer had spread to Georgia’s brain.

Isaac said: “I asked for a private conversation with the oncologist to get the full picture. I asked ‘how long has she got?’

“That’s when she told me that there’s no cure and with treatment it was three to four months.”

A few days later the couple were moved to the Walton Centre, where Georgia had an operation which involved having chemotherapy to the affected area of her brain where the cancer had spread.

Isaac said: “That surgery was successful. At that point she was still in good spirits. She was referring to herself as a cyber man.

“But sadly on Saturday night she suffered a severe seizure.”

Georgia suffered a stroke as a result of the seizure which left her unresponsive and she was later moved to ICU, where she was given palliative care.

In the early hours of November 11, Georgia died in her sleep, holding Isaac’s hand.

They got married at St George’s Hall on Georgia’s birthday – October 21.

Isaac said: “It was the best day of my life.

“If we moved it back a week it wouldn’t have happened so I’m very lucky that we managed to do that.

“I’m just trying to focus on the eight years I’ve spent with her.”