Could the Colts become a 2021 destination for Carson Wentz?


The Eagles had been sticking with quarterback Carson Wentz in part because, financially, they’re stuck with Wentz through 2021.

Wentz has $25.4 million in fully-guaranteed compensation for next season, and $15 million of his 2022 salary becomes fully guaranteed on the third day of the 2021 league year, in mid-March. It makes it hard to trade Wentz, especially since Wentz has been playing poorly this year.

But maybe it’s not. Maybe it really is the circumstance. Maybe, as Jay Glazer of FOX reported over the weekend, Wentz’s confidence was shaken by the team’s selection of quarterback Jalen Hurts. Maybe that, coupled with the cumulative expectations that come from the team trading up to draft him to choosing him over Super Bowl LII MVP Nick Foles to giving Wentz a contract worth $32 million per year made the pressure overwhelming.

Maybe he needs a fresh start. Maybe he could get that in a place where his 2017 offensive coordinator, Frank Reich, is the head coach.

With Reich running he offense, Wentz became the MVP favorite, before he suffered a torn ACL three years ago this week. The Colts signed Philip Rivers, who turns 39 today, to a one-year, $25 million deal. They’ll have to decide on a quarterback for 2021. Could Wentz be the guy?

The Eagles likely wouldn’t get much for Wentz in trade, but they also wouldn’t have to do a Brock Osweiler hot potato trade to get Wentz off the books.

Yes, trading Wentz would result in a cap charge of nearly $34 million. Keeping him, however, entails a cap charge north of $34 million, and a cash commitment of $25 million in 2021 and another guarantee of $15 million. If he’s not the starter, they should take the cap charge, dump the $25 million cash obligation for 2021, and avoid the $15 million guarantee for 2022.

The Colts could give the Eagles the best and easiest path to doing that.